Disposable Medical Devices

Recapitalization of Amsino Medical. Amsino is a premier supplier of disposable medical devices to some of the largest distributors in the United States. The firm is a USA headquartered company that made the transition from a company that has outsourced all its products from manufacturers in China to a firm whose strategy was to manufacture products itself. At the time of the private placement, the Company manufactured its products at four modern facilities near Shanghai and a minority interest in a US facility. Amsino sought a growth capital equity raise. The Company had a well-developed and realistic plan seeking an equity private placement in a pre-IPO round recapitalization of $US 32 million for a substantial minority interest. These funds were used for expansion of its plant, equipment, technology and market development, working capital, acquisitions and debt repayment. $27 million of the proceeds will be used within the Company with the balance used to retire the ownership of a minority shareholder. The Company has capitalized on its ability to source products from China, and has grown dramatically over the last 13 years, experiencing an impressive 42% CAGR during this time.