Automotive Products

Sale of Tomco Auto Products: TOMCO is the leading re-manufacturer of automobile carburetors. ---------- Private Placement: AC Propulsion GACP is representing a closely held electric power train technology company that has supplied electric vehicle components to Tesla and BMW. Tesla listed in 2010 and has a market cap exceeding $USD 2 billion. Because of successes with these two companies, our client is becoming a more mature, later-stage growth company and has attracted marketing opportunities that exceed its current capabilities. The firm is now seeking a private placement of $35 million to expand its manufacturing facilities and provide additional working capital support for its on-going R&D and engineering efforts. The Company presently manufactures drive train and power electronics components at a wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai and is planning to expand its manufacturing capabilities in China at a new facility in Beijing. Key factors in the Company’s growth are the relationships the firm has with defined mileage vehicle manufacturers in China, who have filled its pipeline with projects that form the foundation of a very defensible financial plan. The Company for instance, has just received a 1,000 unit order from a Taiwan company (the BMW business was for 600 drive trains). In 2010 the company supplied the drive train and electronics for one of the X-Prize winners. The Company is seeking a financial partner that possibly could bring more than capital to the Company including management support, large volume manufacturing knowhow as well as ultimate capital market access leading to an IPO within the next 5 years.