Middle Market Focus

Grand Avenue Capital Partners focuses typically on middle market companies. In the United States, we are generally involved in providing our services to those later stage companies under $100 million in revenue.

In Europe and Asia, our partners have managed engagements with public and private companies with revenues in excess of $USD 1 billion. Offshore assignments often involve a local financial adviser, accountant, legal adviser or shareholder who is familiar with the client and has identified a financial need where our services would be warranted. Often this party becomes part of the advisory team in providing investment banking services. For instance, Grand Avenue -Asia is our offshore subsidiary specifically set up for providing investment banking services in China, Taiwan, Korea and other Asian countries.

Occasionally, Grand Avenue will be engaged by an early stage company as a financial adviser. We will accept these assignments when our partners feel that our advice and counsel will be of value and augment any fund raising efforts that we provide. We will provide an avenue to earlier stage investors such as venture capital firms.