What Differentiates Grand Avenue Capital Partners

Grand Avenue Capital Partners differentiates itself from its competition by providing its clients with a seasoned team of partners who have owned / operated / managed middle-market companies similar to those that Grand Avenue seeks as clients. Our partners have affinity with these prospective business owners / shareholders having built successful companies themselves. We have made payroll and have had first hand relations with equity partners and lenders. We have employed and built teams of motivated staffs. Very few investment bankers have operating experience in real-life companies. Our team has owned and operated a variety of companies in diverse industries such as energy, packaging, retail, chemicals, plastics, logistics, and financial services. We’ve been there!

Our approach is to devise a customized and unique financial solution for each client. We are “client-centric” and realize that every assignment requires complete understanding of the client’s operations, markets, competitors, core competencies, and strengths and weaknesses. From this understanding, unique solutions will be designed….there are no typical solutions. One size does not fit all.

Other factors of differentiation:

  • At least two experienced partners are assigned full time to each client ... we absorb these costs which might not be as effective as our larger investment banking competitors, but more effective in representing our clients
  • Same Team of Partners Project - Manage every Engagement from initial client presentation through closing ... the project is not relegated to a junior associate with little real world operating or financial experience
  • Grand Avenue has developed a proprietary data base of over 450 domestic private equity investors and over 200 investors in Asia / Europe / Middle East that have potential interest in the clients we represent
  • Grand Avenue Capital Partners, LLC is duly registered and licensed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ... FINRA (previously the NASD: National Association of Securities Dealers). License: CRD # 135073
  • Cross Border Transactions: Grand Avenue has completed transactions in Asia and Europe for local clients (raising capital, M&A, financial advisory)