Cross Border Capabilities

Grand Avenue Capital Partners has provided investment banking services in many offshore environments, principally in Europe and Asia, managing engagements with public and private companies with revenues in excess of $USD 1 billion. These assignments have included:

  • Private placements by financial investors into the foreign entity
  • Sale of the majority interest of the foreign entity
  • Financial planning advisory, strategic planning guidance and valuation for the foreign entities

Offshore assignments often involve a local financial advisor, accountant, legal advisor or shareholder who is familiar with the client and has identified a financial need where our services would be warranted. Often this party becomes part of the advisory team in providing investment banking services.

Grand Avenue -Asia, a wholly owned subsidiary, has provided these services in China, Taiwan, and Korea. Our partners have also completed assignments in Germany, Italy, England and Switzerland.

Grand Avenue maintains a working relationship with many offshore private equity investors in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Middle East. Where appropriate, Grand Avenue has frequently sought out strategic partners from all over the world for possible investment in our offshore clients.